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Color-matched & narrow bezel Vido M82 Tablet

Vido M82 TabletAt the past, we probably pay more attention to tablet’s function but ignore its outlook. Now, bases on high performance, tablets are required to provides nice visual enjoyment and hand touching. Most tablets are single color covered while Vido M82 Tablet gives you color-matching new choice, which means fashion is everywhere even applied to electronic industry. The eight inch tablet had taken present mobile phones shape with pretty narrow bezel and slender body, very suitable for single hand uplifting. Actually, it could be used as a mobile phone in terms of its 3G call function. As for its memory and network performance, I have to say the tablet plays much better than a mobile phone.

I prefer choosing color-matching tablet in that it makes me feel life is so colorful and passionate. Vido M82 Tablet is inherited with white color in frontal bezel while blue or yellow in back cover. It is so streamlined that it ensures you read e-book in vertical screen and watch movie in landscape screen. I Specially love the IPS screen on account of its 178 degree angle of view, which makes every perspective seems so dimensional. With the high-definition resolution and layers image display, users could really enjoy a big visual feast no matter for playing 3D games or watching movies. Besides, there is a wireless network card inbuilt in the eight inch tablet, allowing very stable and fluent 3G surfing. And it could both contains GSM card and WCDMA card, users can freely make phone call as a mobile phone does.
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For people who are fond of playing puzzled or 3D running games, Vido M82 Tablet allows 32GB outer memory development. That is, you could experience very stimulating tablet enjoyment just via a TF card. It is a easy-taken tablet that you could put it in car as a navigator. Actually, the tablet is inbuilt a GPS chip which could realize position locating and driving reminding as long as you download related software.

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