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Chuwi VX8 Tablet born for dialing

Chuwi VX8 Tablet

Chuwi VX8 TabletRecently, Chuwi has released a Chuwi VX8 Tablet, which is a highly cost-effective entry-level tablet. From the moment I got this tablet, I think it is born for dialing. The performance of this tablet is very good, both in the design or in the hardware configuration. Just like using a mobile phone wit a large screen.

From the official parameters, we can know that, Chuwi VX8 Tablet is a tablet without ultra-configuration. But it is a great value tablet, especially in the tablet with the function of talking. It can be the biggest advantages in the tablet market. In appearance, it uses an 8-inch screen and uses the design of narrow border. This is very convenient for operation by on hand. In addition, there is a design of point groove on its back for increasing its friction when you hold it by one hand. Also it can effectively prevent it sliping or falling from your hand. All in all, it is very suitable for calling by single hand and indeed designed for dialing.

As an entry-level tablet, although the configuration of Chuwi VX8 Tablet is not outstanding, it can meet our daily entertainment. It is worth mentioning that this tablet collects the full functionality of the phone, though the size is a little big, can be used as the same as the phone. Whether playing games or watching movies, it has a good performance as the configuration supported. With 8 inches IPS screen, can perfectly display colorful pictures. Quad-core processor and 1 GB RAM can smoothly run most of big game, not to mention watching HD movies. Let you enjoy the pleasure that games and movies bring you. Today, the summer holidays are ending soon. The children will return to school. How about buying VX8 for a gift?

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