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Chuwi VI10 keyboard case – the safety coat of your tablet

You known, CHUWI VI10 is the most cost-effective dual OS tablets in China, and it owns the new creation of three USB interfaces, which makes it becomes a small size laptop that you can connect with other outside devices. Carry it and use it in the office, it helps you not only in the work, but also in the entertainment during your rest time. If you have one of this type of tablet, then you should buy one Chuwi VI10 keyboard case that protecting your tablet from being broken and scratched.
Chuwi VI10 keyboard case
Chuwi VI10 keyboard case fits your tablet perfectly that it can comprehensively protect your tablet. Black color makes it looks nice and dirty-proof. The highlight of it is the stand function, which can quickly create standing to enjoy watching, typing or reading. 75 degree against the ground that offers users the better eyesight in watching the screen. Moreover, it is easy to snap on and snap off, very convenient and helpful .
Chuwi VI10 keyboard caseChuwi VI10 keyboard case
With this case, you can comprehensively protect your tablet against dust, scratches, shocks, accidental drops and collisions. Besides, it can relieve your hands from holding your tablet that you can depend on the case to make your tablet stands and watch videos or pictures viewing.

In concluded, Chuwi VI10 keyboard case is pretty good in protecting your tablet that it is the safety coat. If you have the Chuwi VI10 tablet, I suggest you have better to buy one.

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