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Should I Buy an Android Tablet

android tablet

A recent study on the usage of technology revealed that the use of tablets is growing by leaps and bounds. The truth is tablets are preferred over smartphones in various fields including business, schools as well as the health sector. Mobile professionals who are frequently on the road find tablets much easier and sufficient for most of their day to day chores. Some of the popular features and benefits of an Android tablet are detailed below.

android tablet


Tablets are a lot more portable than laptops. Certain models such the Apple iPads are about a half inch in thickness and weigh much less than two pounds. At this size, a typical tablet fits perfectly in a briefcase or messenger bag.


Consume less power

Most of the tablet models such as Samsung galaxy tabs consume less power. This means you can use the device for a long time without worrying about battery drain. Such an android tablet can be really handy during the power outage when you need to finish an urgent work that warrants adequate time.

android tablet

Touch screen

Just like a smartphone, a tablet’s interface works via touch. Multi-finger gestures let users perform complex functions such as swiping between applications, zooming in and out or returning back to the home screen. The best thing is using a tablet such as Apple iPad Pro tablet is a lot easier than a smartphone where you have to be really cautious with the touch screen due to its small size and less memory.


Less intrusive

An android tablet is less intrusive in a workplace. Since tablets are flat, they could be laid on a table like a piece of paper or kept on your lap. Also, the tablet’s capability of blending with surroundings makes it an ideal reference tool for educational or professional meetings without disrupting the concentration of people around you.

android tablet


The one most important reason why many people prefer tablets over smartphones is the price. You can get a tablet for as low as 70 dollars. While a high-end tablet can be more costly, but it is still cheaper than a smartphone. School children and budget-conscious professionals find tablets a much better option to carry out their day to day tasks.


Tablets are great for entertainment

There is nothing better for young children than having a copy of Dora or Cars on their tablet. Even adults prefer to watch movies and songs on an android tablet while they are on the go. Latest tablets such as Huawei MediaPad come equipped with entertainment features that can magnify user experience.

android tablet

Bottom line

Tablets have revolutionized the way of life. Despite other counterparts such as laptops and Smartphones, tablets enjoy an edge in many terms. Affordability, usage, memory power, etc are some of the striking features and benefits of an Android tablet over other portable devices. On account of these reasons, the usage of tablets seems to be increasing day by day.

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