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Budget powerful tablet with dual OS which are easy to be switched–Teclast X98 Air dual os review

Teclast X98 Air 3G(1)

Many people left their comments saying that they wanted Teclast X98 Air 3G to come with Win 8.1 OS. Now, their wish has come true. Recently, i received a X98 Air 3G of new version, which has the same firmware as the previous version. They have retained the Android 4.4, which makes this tablet a so-called dual-core version. So if you get dual experiment from one single tablet. So far the Teclast X98 Air dual os is priced at 229.49 dollars, almost $13 more expensive than the previous version. Teclast X98 Air 3G(1)

Teclast X98 Air Dual OS Tablet Specs:

CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F Quad Core 2.16GHz, X86 structure
GPU: Intel HD Graphics GEN7
System: Android 4.4+Windows 8.1
Storage: 2GB DDR3L, 32GB eMMC
Screen: 9.7 inch IPS Retina Capacitive Screen, 2048*1536
Camera: Front is 2.0MP,Rear is 5.0MP
Network type: supports WCDMA, GSM, WIFI, 3G call, message
GPS, Bluetooth: supports GPS and A-GPS navigation, Bluetooth 4.0
Ports: standard SIM card slot, Micro USB port, TF slot, 3.5mm earphone port
Battery:built-in 8500mAh polymer lithium battery
Size: 240mm(L)×169mm(W)×7.4mm(H)]
Weight: 521g


Though the system of Teclast X98 Air dual os is different from that of Teclast X98 Air, but the package box of it is the same as Teclast X98 Air. And the configuration tag on the box still says it is android-OS version, so you have to start up the tablet to know which version it is. As a 9.7inch tablet, the box of it is pretty big, with more accessories than those of other tablets of its price range, which includes USB wire, charger and OTG wire. There is nothing special of its appearance. 9.7-inch screen and white bezel are common.

A 3G phablet as it is, it can not be hold with single hand like 7-inch or 8-inch tablets due to its “big” size. It is kinda exaggerating to use it as a phone to talk to people. Thus, the Teclast X98 Air dual os only has front-facing camera but no built-in handset. So if you don’t use earphone, you need to use the built-in speaker to listen to what others say. The bezel is kinda slim. You can easily find it is more delicate and slim than previous 9.7-in tablets.
Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet
The back completely reflects the classic style of Teclast tablets with aluminum alloy cover. Obviously the reason why this tablet is called “Air” is that the thickness is only 7.4mm. What a slim body. The whole weight is 521g, with round and smooth corner, exquisite workmanship. It feels good to hold Teclast X98 Air dual os in hands. Adopting the dual speaker, the volume it gives is not that dramatic,and the sound effect while playing videos and games is satisfactory.

Compared with normal tablets, the ports are kinda intensive, and there is a one more port for HDMI video output with which you can connect tablet with TV, projectors and other display devices. Instead of being hidden inside the body,the 3G SIM card slot has been directly placed on the lateral. What’s more, you don’t need to cut the SIM card. Just plug it in and then it works. You can see there is a non-metal part on the part, which covers the antenna of wi-fi and other wireless modules.
Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet Teclast X98 Air dual os tablet

Performance of Android 4.4:

The most important feature of Teclast X98 Air dual os is that you will see a page for OS choosing after you start it up. Obviously you can choose Android 4.4 or Win 8.1. If you do not make a choice, the tablet will go into the OS last time you used until the shutting off of tablet, after 10s countdown. However, most striking is the capacity problem. Because Android and Windows have different disk zoned formats and management styles, it is no doubt that the whole 32GB has been divided into two parts for android and Win 8.1 respectively, and these two parts can’t be shared with each other.
Teclast X98 Air dual os tabletIn the setting, we can see that Android get 10GB, among which usable capacity is 6.7GB. The files and data stored in the Android can’t be seen in the Windows OS. So you can say they totally isolate each other in terms of storing. The Android supports calling functions well. So even with the 3G module, you still had better make calls and send messages in Android OS, while 3G module is mostly for surfing network in Win 8.1 OS.

Comprehensively speaking, it is not true to say the Win 8.1 is definitely better than Android on tablets, because they differ widely in the function orientation. Android is more user-friendly, with better support for mobile network. I will recommend you to watch online videos, play touch-screen games, read e-books and other applications for daily life use.

Performance of Win 8.1:

The Win 8.1 is not that different from other Teclast Win 8.1 tablets in terms of operation. But with the addition of 3G module, the usable space of disk is different. Teclast X98 Air dual os comes with Win 8.1 with Bing which has already been activated. And there are some pre-settings, such as the wall paper. There is no home button for fast returning to desktop. But you can slide the super button bar out from the side. And then you can see the Win button in the middle.

When you go into the disk management page, you may get shocked, because there are more than zones, most of which belongs to Android. While Win8 has a 4.69GB area for system back up, and 14.2 GB as C disk. However, actually there is only 10GB left in the C disk, which is definitely not enough for Win 8.1 OS. So i would recommend you to use a TF card.

In the disk performance test by CrystalDiskMark, the built-in 32GB eMMC had the maximum reading speed of 136MB/s and writing speed of around 47MB/s. Both of these speeds are a little slower than those of Teclast X98 Air with just Win 8.1. So it seems that dual OS really have impact in performance of disk.
Teclast X98 Air dual os tabletIt is obviously that Android 4.4 has better performance in social contact, entertainment apps. But as for apps for working and net surfing. Win 8.1 has unparalleled advantage, for example, the common Office. Though there are also many apps for working on Android platform and IOS platform, but they put particular emphasis on the browsing and viewing while the input and editing functions are kinda weak.

The overall conclusion:

Teclast X98 Air and Teclast X98 Air dual os has same appearance. And the only difference in firmware is the 3G module. Although theoretically you can change the OS by yourself through refurbishment process. But when you really do it, you will find it very complicated and difficult. So when choosing the best tablet among these two tablets, yo should consider your real need:if you use the tablets mostly for videos, entertainment, social contact, Android version will be better; if you want it for work and you like the Win OS, then Win 8.1 version is a good choice; though the Teclast X98 Air dual os has got the advantages of these two OS, the capacity is still 32GB, maybe not enough for you. But there are always trades-offs, right?

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