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Blitzwolf BW-VD1 External DVD Burner Review

BW-VD1 external DVD burner


Present-day PCs seldom incorporate optical drives for CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays, and music and video real-time features make it so you never need to play a plate in the event that you would prefer not to. In any case, on the off chance that you have many years of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-beams to watch, or home motion pictures to document, Blitzwolf Bw-vd1 outer DVD copier is the best USB DVD copier. The drive rushes to tear information from circles to your PC or to consume new plates with your own information, and it works with PCs and Macs and is sensibly valued.

BW-VD1 external DVD burner

Before we dispatch into evaluating the BW-VD1 outside DVD burner, how about we consider some significant things to pay special mind to when you need to buy a DVD burner.

DVD Support

The absolute first thing that you need to watch out for is the thing that sort of DVDs/CDs a DVD drive allows.

Along these lines, in the event that you need Blu-Ray support, at that point you should explicitly search for something that underpins this sort of innovation.


Most outside DVD drives are universal- which implies that you ought to have the option to utilize them with practically every cutting edge computer. Some older machines that are utilizing USB 1.1 might be contradictory. Be that as it may, believe it or not, on the off chance that you’re utilizing something so obsolete, at that point you’ll likely have more to stress over than DVD drive compatibility (Hardware, Software, different peripherals, and so forth)

All things considered, do remember that a few drives may work best with some particular computers.

Speed and Noise

Read and write speeds for DVD discs and CDs might be distinctive for every DVD drive. 8x is by all accounts the norm for DVDs and 24x for CDs.

DVD drives that support USB 3.0 will in general help higher speeds – yet that is not really a sign of a quicker drive. All things considered, USB 3.0 is in reverse compatible with USB 2.0 in any case. Along these lines, you have anything to lose by going with 3.0 (Unless, obviously, that alternative is more costly).

Discussing speed is one of the essential reasons that DVD drives will in general be so loud. Since you can’t test one for yourself, on the off chance that you stress over noise, have a go at looking at customer reviews and YouTube reviews for your drive.

Size and Build Quality

On the off chance that you plan on moving around a great deal with a PC, at that point you’ll presumably need to ensure that the drive isn’t too enormous.

All things considered, most outside DVD drives are fairly smaller these days. However, size is a certain something – construct quality is another.

An all-around made drive is more averse to break or breakdown under substantial use or in transportation. In this way, focus on what commentators state for every item. In the event that there are such a large number of reports of a unit separating effectively, at that point you’re likely in an ideal situation maintaining a strategic distance from it.


Most outside DVD drives work with a solitary USB cable. Nonetheless, that isn’t generally the situation. Some of them may require two links for additional force while a few PCs accompany only USB Type-C ports.

BW-VD1 external DVD burner

Blitzwolf Bw-vd1 external DVD burner

Numerous modern ultrabooks and laptops choose to leave out optical drives to manage down their size and weight. In any case, that decrease wouldn’t be significant on the off chance that you need an optical drive and need to heft a major one around with you. Luckily, we have an extraordinary conservative pick that is viable with Windows and Mac PCs.

Measuring at 147 x 147 x 18mm, the Blitzwolf BW-VD1 external DVD burner is too reduced. Also, the decrease in size doesn’t mean a lot of bargains. It’s worked with plastic casing, for a top-notch look and feel, and it’s fast. It can write CDs at 24x, CD-RW at 16X, and DVDs at 8x. Truly, believe it or not, it’s a full CD/DVD/BD drive, and it weighs 400g. The BW-VD1 is a distinct versatility champion, with force and information move all happening over USB, so you’ll just need one cable.

BW-VD1 external DVD burner


1. Plug and play now.

2. USB3.0 + Type-C Ports, Fast Transmission:Up to 5Gbps transmission, runs steadily and quickly.

3. Just set up DVD/CD, interface USB to laptop/computer.

4. Dispose of distortion or delay, permit you to immerse yourself in CD music enjoyment.

5. Works with desktop PC, laptop, MBook Air/Pro, win7/8/Vista/XP/Lunix/win10.

6. Support  CD/DVD ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW.

BW-VD1 external DVD burner


Combines well with Dell workstations/work areas

Works with nearly everything

Cyberlink is an invite expansion

Just necessities a solitary USB port

Easy to convey for a business trip


No USB 2.0

No Blu-Ray support


Do not be limited by your laptop because it lacks an internal DVD drive; go get an external DVD burner from Banggood.com 

Blitzwolf BW-VD1 External DVD Burner Review
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Blitzwolf BW-VD1 External DVD Burner Review
The importance of DVD drives cannot be over-stressed but it is unfortunate that modern-day laptops do not make provision for this feature. However, manufacturers of digital products have come up with an external DVD burner and in this review we are going to be looking at the BW-VD1 external DVD burner.

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