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The Best Onda V975M With The Most Powerful Quad Core

AML M802 is the high frequency quad core with ARM Cortex-A9 frame, how about its practice experience? the best Onda V975M will give you the answer.

In the appearance, it adopted the 9.7 inch 4:3 ratio touch screen, the front white and the rear sliver is always the design style of Onda, but recognizable appearance in the 9.7 inch tablet is still not high. About the texture, it uses the magnesium aluminum alloy panel in the back, after anodic oxidation process, the surface appearance grade slightly frosted texture effectively promoted. The whole best Onda V975M has basic details work let a person pick is not at fault. Panel joint more tightly, edge grinding smooth, loose on the corners of the screen there is no sense. Equipped with cameras is the mainstream, the front 2.0 mp and the rear 5.0 mp camera basic meet user requirements. Worthy of mention is wide Angle is large, the front camera to accommodate more pictures in the video chat when you use will be very high, and the rear support touch function of focus.Best Onda V975M

The highlight of the AML M802 is 28 nm HPM technology process, Includes 28 nm HP (performance), 28 nm LP (low power), 28 nm HPL (high-performance low-power) and 28 nm HPM (high performance mobile computing) four types of process technology. 28 nm HPM is one of the highest performance. Due to high energy low HPM process technology features, AML M802 four CPU frequency can reach architecture A9 architecture is the highest in the 2.0 GHz and still keep good power consumption control conditions. Best Onda V975M is not just pick up new hardware core, even the operating system part also brings the new face in due course, It uses the based on Android4.3 version system exclusive custom “ONDA ROM”, is not how the depth of customization, but beautiful sex and ease of use is also a certain degree of ascension.

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