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Best Onda V975M, The Charming Of Speed

The point that will be pay more attention while consumers choosing a tablet is the operating speed. The operating speed is the factor that will affect the using feeling. Best Onda V975M is the tablet that comes with a strong GPU, and the AnTuTu benchmark Running performance tests is up to more than 30000.

From the configuration, Onda V975M comes with the strongest quad core CPU, Amlogic M802. It is the new quad core CPU that based on A9r4, the latest fourth generation Cortex-A9 quad core framework, it also the frist domestic tablet that use this core framework. Compare with other tablets which use the A9r3 core framework, the operating speed of best Onda V975M is quicker, and performance is stronger. At the same time, the mononuclear of the new quad core processor, its main frequency speed is up to 2.0 GHz, performance is the three times than the current main quad core tablet. To evaluate the performance of a chip, just through CPU parameter is not enough, GPU is also needy. Best Onda V975M adopted an octa core GPU. In the current A9 quad core chips, the octa core Mail 450 GPU is the GPU with the highest configuration. And, this octa core Mail 450 is different with other mainstream GPU, it supports eight inner cores operating at the same time, to realize really the strong performance come from octa core, is five times than the current mainstream Mail 400 quad core GPU, so onda V975M has the obvious advantages in game experience, display definition and the bigger compatibility.Best Onda V975M

The increase of GHz certainly will increase the power consumption and chip calorific value. To solve this problem, the best way is to improve the process technology of chip, chip integration is higher, the unit area is smaller, less power consumption and fever will further. In this term, Best Onda V975M is well done.

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