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The best five reasons why you should buy a tablet in 2018

xiaomi tablet

The world of mobile devices moves at an unprecedented rate, and it’s predicted that about 6 billion people will be using mobile devices by the year 2020. Mobile devices aren’t just limited to phones, but it also includes tablets. These days there is a thin line between a tablet and a phone, and tablets continue to get better and better by the day. In this article, we are going to look at how tablets can make your lives easier.

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They are great mobile portable workstations

Tablets give you the ability to travel and work at the same time; that’s why they are referred to as mobile workstations. The reasons why they do this much better than smartphones is just because of their bigger screens, these huge screens allow you to work the same way that you would on a laptop without having to put up with carrying a bunch of cables and adapters around


Fantastic for E-Book reading

As for reading e-books, there is no device that comes close to tablets. Books are have evolved in recent years, they are gradually moving away from the traditional physical books to electronic-books. Reading an e-book on a tablet gives you an experience that is close that holding an actual book brings.


The ideal device for meetings

Tablets are ideal devices for meetings, you can jot down notes easily like you would normally in a notebook. Presentations can be done flawlessly from tablets simply because they support most office software and presentation software’s, such as Microsoft office. Thus with tablets, you have a portable device that can absolutely replace your laptop.

xiaomi mi pad 3

Ideal for watching videos and movies

The huge screens that the tablets come with give you an immeasurable experience when it comes to playing movies or videos. Also, the displays that most tablets are using now are nearly as good as those that are on the latest Television sets

xiaomi tablet

Tablets have better performing batteries than phones

Tablets are designed to work with great efficiency, and the hardware that these tablets use in most cases it consumes less power, yet it provides you with an experience that equals that a mobile phone has to proffer.


Now on the market there are a lot of tablets that going for different prices, some are even north of $1000. Of all the tablets there is the Xiaomi MI Pad 4 which is the best tablet that gives you value for your money.

xiaomi tablet

This amazing xiaomi tablet has a Snapdragon 666 Octa Core which runs up to 2.2GHz, this basically means that there is no freezing that is expected; it’s all smooth sailing all the way with this Xiaomi tablet. The Xiaomi tablet comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, these specs in conjunction with the above processors all programs that you might want to run weather it is a presentation or you are just opening multiple tabs on the web, nothing will go wrong.


The Camera of the Xiaomi tablet is one thing to look for, it has a 5MP front camera and has a 13MP rear camera with HDR mode and facial recognition. Since this Xiaomi tablet is meant to be a mobile workstation it supports 4G LTE, but however, it doesn’t have the ability to make calls. Furthermore, as a workstation, it comes with an 8 inch IP sharp FHD screen with a 1920*1200 resolution. All these features on this Xiaomi tablet only cost you US$ 279

 xiaomi tablet


It’s very convenient to have a tablet at your disposal, you have a better and bigger screen to work with and you can carry the tablet where ever you want to go, so must you buy this Xiaomi tablet? The answer to that is a strong Yes.

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