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Beisi car charger, dual USB with high range use

Yesterday, when I surfed in the Internet, I found an interesting item, very small size and portable type of mobile power called Beisi car charger. It has two USB ports that you can charge it with two electronic devices at the same time, very convenient. Then, let me tell you something detailed.
BEISI Dual USB Smart Car ChargerUpon its appearance design, fashionable and easy carry design that you may love it at your first sight. Moreover, it features with two dual USB ports, one with 2.4A current output and another with 1.0A current output, satisfying your desire of charging two different electronic devices simultaneously. By the way, it needs 12V DC input and the working frequency is 80KHz. In addition to, it was made of durable material, so you have no need in worrying about its using time.
BEISI Dual USB  Car Charger BEISI USB  Car Charger
Beisi car charger takes a safety intelligent protection design, moreover, supports full 180 degrees rotation in either direction. It has a high suitability that fits with many types of cellphones, tablets, gamepads, MP3, MP4 and so on.
BEISI Car Charger BEISI USB smart  Car Charger
In concluded, beisi car charger is a very good product, portable and high quality that it is worthy for your buying. If you are interested in it, you can spend on $16.65 and buy it in I’ m certainly sure that you will have a nice shopping experience.

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