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Awei ES 20TY Review: Heavy Bass In-Ear Headphone with Unique Personality

Well…I had been searching for a pair of perfect cheap Heavy Bass Earphone for a long time until I found the Awei ES 20TY. Anyhow, there can be many advantages to getting a really decent pair of cheap earphone that sound good. If you forget them or damage them (it happens!), there is really no pain since the replacement cost is so small.


Yeah, the pair of earphone in this review is the Awei ES 20TY, from a not well-known Chinese brand. But I have to say that, it comes with really excellent quality and reasonable price.



  • 3.5mm plug
  • Full steel shell
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Built-in high quality Mic and speaker support clear calls


You know, the 3.5mm port headphones are ideal for electronic devices, including Android smartphones, Windows phones, MP3/MP4 player, iPad, iPod or any other devices with 3.5 mm interface. The comfortable in-ear compact design with soft silicone sweat-proof ear tips reduces outside noise. The in ear heavy bass earphone with Mic for hands-free can make you fully enjoy uninterrupted music or talk on your phone everywhere. The smooth touch feeling and light weight make it perfect to keep staying in your ears, and you can use this earphone to enjoy music even when doing house-working at home.


And the most importantly, Awei ES 20TY can be available with 4 kinds of different colors: black, gold, grey, rose. And each color has its unique personality, which someone chooses the color and chooses his/her mood and personality at the same time.


The Awei ES-20TY is probably the best earphones you can find in the market with HI-FI Res and a price tag under US$10. And now, this Heavy Bass In Ear Headphone can be ordered on Banggood by asking for only $8.58.


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