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Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Anne Pro 2


Anne Pro 2 has all that you can name and is something beyond a gaming keyboard– it is an across the board pack for a gaming fan enveloping RGB topics, MACRO settings, customizations, and significantly more.

The feel of the Anne Pro 2 keyboard is consistent with any RGB gaming setup!

Anne Pro 2

Performance and looks have consistently been the first concern for Obins, and that is the reason they have made this “masterpiece” to adapt to the always developing requirements of the gaming business. Anyway, what settles on it a definitive decision?

I this review, I will attempt to cover everything from design to performance and let you be the judge of whether this console will be the correct pick for you or not.

The Design

I like its design– the backlights and the entire RGB theme is something that the Anne Pro 2 progresses admirably.

You can even customize each keys’ color and make your design utilizing Obinskit – the software it accompanies.

Anne Pro 2

By this, you are sure to never get bored of the same design – you can keep the keyboard looking new each time!

Anne Pro 2 goes over the expectations as far as its look and design. The profoundly customizable keys and RGB theme designs would make it stand apart from the others immediately; by a wide margin, it has been the correct choice for me

Gaming experience and Typing

The Anne Pro 2 permits multiple keys function. This capacity, nonetheless, is just helpful in wired mode and not in Bluetooth mode.

For typing, the keyboard is smooth and delivers an amazing generally speaking typing experience.

For gaming, Anne Pro 2 will without a doubt live up to your desires. Its NKRO feature permits various fundamental capacities without clashes. It is, be that as it may, not present in wireless mode.

Anne Pro 2

The Anne Pro 2 battery life is around eight or nine hours, because of its in-fabricated 1900mAh Li-particle battery. With the LEDs turned off, the battery anticipation will without a doubt increase.

On the off chance that you are considering how to note when the Anne battery is full or empty, it accompanies a battery level marker. This capacity can be gotten to on the product and the console when you press the FN2 and eight keys.

Additionally, the console accompanies a power saver highlight which permits the mechanical console to turn off automatically when not being used.

RGB Theme

Key customization is only one period of the Anne Pro 2 highlights you’ll adore, yet not however much the RGB lighting customizations. Its exceptional adjustable RGB appearance separates it.

Anne Pro 2

In contrast to most mechanical consoles, this keyboard has only 11 color modes. yet, you’ll make the most of its static, breathing, and rainbow color effects. The lighting modes are as follows:

One static multicolor mode

Six static color modes

Breathing color effect

Gradual breathing mode

Rainbow mode

Reactive color mode

The Anne Pro 2 lighting impacts can deliver more than 16 million color plans, because of its RGB genuine lighting highlight. Likewise, the color change is extremely consistent and smooth.

Despite the fact that LEDs are situated on the catch side of the switch, the lighting impacts are regardless amazing.

Keycaps and Switch

The Anne Pro 2 keycaps are comprised of adaptable and smooth PBT twofold keycaps. The twofold keycap’s embellishment covers the whole keycap with a general thickness of about 1.2mm. You ought not to, however, anticipate that it should sparkle as much as the ABS keycaps.

Anne Pro 2 keyboard features brown tactile switches and the Gateron switch, which is practically indistinguishable from the Cherry MX Browns.

Anne Pro 2 Layers

With the Anne Pro 2 software, you can utilize the different layers of the keyboard to compensate for the missing keys that make up a total keyboard. The mechanical keyboard’s top layer contains the principle function keys, while the subsequent layer contains the FN1.

With this key, you can switch between the arrow keys and flip between the function keys and the individual keys, e.g., Insert, delete, print screen, and so on.

Anne Pro 2

The FN2 layer assists with flipping the Bluetooth connectivity just as the different lighting styles. The WASD and individual keys can likewise be flipped and customized based on your taste.

The TAP layer is the last and will permit you to change the Anne Pro 2 to the 60% design. You can make the FN1, FN2, precise control, and shift functions to perform the arrow keys’ function by tapping them without adjusting their main functions.


Bluetooth and Cable Support with an enormous 1500 mAh battery

Full RGB backlit key mapping

Double Function Keys



Connectivity by means of Bluetooth is somewhat sluggish

Lacks number pad

Altering each key may take quite a while


All in all, the Anne Pro 2 mechanical gaming console may not be our best option 60% keyboard, yet it has all that it takes to convey extraordinary execution and astounding functionalities for any client. To acquire this mechanical keyboard go to Banggood.com which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
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Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
Gaming keyboards are not like your regular keyboards, they possess some features that distinguish them. If you are a gamer, this keyboard is perfect for you. Today, we will be having a review of the Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard.

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