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MIDI keyboards are a kind of missing link in the modern world of PC generated audio. A considerable number of music hobbyists and professionals working in the field of electronic music are producing their sounds and music from inside their computers. The computer in a virtual environment synthesizes the sounds themselves, and it is the job of a MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard to control these sounds and make them playable just like a traditional musical instrument. It is somewhat more complicated than that, and MIDI controller keyboards can come in many varieties, differing in price and features between different models. Piano keyboards will, for the most part, attempt to imitate a piano playing experience with sampled piano sounds and familiar hardware like foot pedals. A MIDI keyboard controller, on the other hand either includes a hardware synthesizer onboard in which case it is probably best called a synthesizer, or it acts as an interface to a PC running virtual synthesizer programs.

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The models that do not include their synthesis engine are a lot less expensive but can, in any case, complicated pieces of equipment due to the controller functions that they contain. Roland MIDI and Yamaha MIDI keyboards are two popular brands, but other companies have developed innovative models in recent years. The remote midi keyboard by novation has developed to a standard in many music circles, and they have many varieties of this model available. Casio MIDI and Korg MIDI keyboards are also popular with different features and models available.


Not all musicians/performers nowadays have vast resources to finance a new set of the latest music equipment in their industry. Some composer/musicians adhere to their old equipment until they probably get a gig that will pay them well enough to buy a new one. Some musicians borrow equipment from good friends while saving up to buy their own.

Budget is an essential factor to a musician’s purchasing choice. If you use a cheap MIDI keyboard controller in your work, then there is nothing much to worry about in terms of buying the equipment that would fit into your budget requirements. Unlike in the past, when choices were limited, and entry-level units are expensive, midi keyboard controllers these days come in different brands and different price range. If your budget for a controller is between $100 to $200 only, there is the M-Audio Keystation 88ES MIDI Controller. This unit is perfect for musicians and composers who love a full range piano keyboard. The good thing about this though is that it’s not too heavy although it is a full keyboard with semi-weighted keys action. Its velocity-sensitive feature is another factor that will ensure the actual sending of data. This M-Audio MIDI keyboard controller is equipped with pitch bend and modulation wheels that will allow you to control synths and samplers. There are no fancy features to this device, but it is entirely perfect for the musician who is more particular with a product’s functionality. Of course, you will need to use software so it can produce a sound. It works well with Garage Band.

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One issue that is often experienced in using smaller controllers is the constant hitting of the octave switch. But that problem is not an issue if you use the full 88 keys controller. The M-Audio Keystation 88ES has a built-in USB MIDI Interface which can easily connect to the majority of the widely-used MIDI software nowadays. As for the power source, you can get power from your computer via the USB port, or you may also opt to buy the 9VDC power adapter. Many users of this controller could attest their satisfaction with this product. The most notable remark is that it’s well appreciated for its minimalistic style with no knobs, no screens, no buttons. This device is undoubtedly for the practical musician who wants to get work done without fuss. It is handy, almost plug and play, and it comes in a very affordable that would make any person a happy shopper. At you can buy the best brands in the market at the best price.

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