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7.9 inch Teclast X89 dual boot tablet with genuine Win 8.1+ Android 4.4 released

Teclast X89 dual boot tablet

Teclast X89 dual boot tabletMaybe you are looking for bios and files to make your Teclast X89 dual boot. Now, you don’t bother do it, because Teclast has launched a Teclast X89 dual boot tablet. X89(Win 8.1+Android 4.4) has really tough performance and configuration, with 64 Intel Bay Trail-T processor, 1.83GHz; 2GB DDR3L low-power-consumption RAM, HD graphic Gen7 GPU. It perfectly runs Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4. And you will be impressed by its 7.9-inch min IPS screen and 7.4mm metal body.

Teclast X89 dual boot tablet has Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F GPU, clocked at up to 1.83GHz, performance increased by 30%. 2GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB eMMC storage. You can see that these configuration is very powerful. 7.9-inch IPS screen with the resolution up to 2048*1536, 7.4mm intelligent body and 5mm extremely narrow bezel, such features are really great for a tablet. Besides, this tablet provides you the 2MP front camera for online meeting, chatting and taking selfies, as well as the rear-facing American OV 5MP auto-focus camera for taking beautiful photos. All your daily requirements can be satisfied by this gadget.

Teclast X89 dual boot tabletIn addition, coming with the Intel DPTF intelligent power management technology, and Windows’ own special power management optimization, X89 dual boot has really good performance in battery life. The 5000mAh lithium battery can provide you with 8-hour battery life for comprehensive use, or 6-hour 720PHD video playback.

Actually, the X89 dual boot tablet is the upgrading version of formerly Teclast X89. They differ only in the CPU. The dual-os one has of 1.83GHz Z3735F and the other one has 2.16GHz Z3736F. But for me, i can’t feel any difference between these CPU while i was testing them at the same time. (maybe because i am not that demanding.) but you will understand this when you know the price of these two models. The dual-os one is almost 17 dollars cheaper that the one-os one. For me, i would like to choose the Teclast X89 dual boot tablet, because i can enjoy two system at one machine. I can enjoy all the advantages of two systems. But still, it depends on what you want.

This Teclast X89 dual boot tablet is priced at only 150.99 dollars. I think it is really great to have a dual-os tablet at such price.

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