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10.1 inch super ultra-thin Lenovo A7600 3G tablet review

Seemingly the bigger screen a tablet possesses, the more comfortable visual feast it brings. Take newly released Lenovo A7600 3G tablet for instance, it has been the best company of children and housewives. After all, watching movie, TV series or playing game with small screen tablet could  do harm to our eyes. At the same time, the tablet provides super cozy hang touching, bringing you super amazing enjoyment while lying on the sofa.
Lenovo A7600 3G(1) In addition, the tablet must be the thinnest one among the 10.1 inch tablets, you do need too much uplift force if playing without physical support. Coming with popular Android 4.2 OS and MTK8382 quad-core 1.3GHz CPU, the Lenovo A7600 3G tablet possess great handling ability both for pictures and videos. Meanwhile, 10.1 capacitive screen of relatively high resolution provides you with perfect enjoyment when you watching videos and movies or playing games with this advanced tablet.

Besides, you are allowed to make daily video dairy or video chatting with friends, because this Android tablet is equipped with both front and back cameras. If you like, you can take advantage of the tablet, like dealing official business with it, or you can bring it on a business trip. For sake of its large capacity, users are allowed to downloaded lots of songs and E-book as well as movies or games. Up to now, the tablet supports the most comprehensive formats of music and text file.
Lenovo A7600 3G(2)Moreover, Lenovo A7600 3G tablet supports bluetooth 4.0, ensuring freer file transformation and sharing. If you think 16GB memory is not enough for you, then you can develop it as large as you like via a TF card reader. What’s more, you can take the tablet with you while driving in that the tablet is inbuilt with a A-GPS module. All in all, I hope you get all detailed information about the tablet and make a reasonable choice.

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